Creating graphic overlays for WebCG

This article provides a brief introduction into creating graphic overlays for WebCG. In-depht information, explanations and best practices for creating production-ready graphic overlays for both WebCG and CasparCG can be found in the series Introduction to CasparCG’s HTML producer. Graphic overlays for WebCG are plain HTML documents that conform to a JavaScript interface. This interface consists of four functions that are defined in the global namespace (the window object). The WebCG host calls these functions to communicate and instruct the graphic overlays. [Read More]

Creating production-ready HTML templates for CasparCG

In this article we are going to create a production-ready HTML template. We will look at the characteristics of a robust template and then discover the details of the layout and design of a production-ready lower-third template. At last we will test the template with CasparCG. Have a look at the live example and its source code. This article is the second installment of the series “A comprehensive guide to HTML templates for CasparCG”. [Read More]

Introduction to CasparCG's HTML producer

CasparCG is a free and open source playout server used to deliver high quality live television broadcasts. It supports data-driven templates for graphic overlays created with Adobe Flash and HTML websites. Although support for HTML based templates has been around for years, it’s neglected by many template creators who consider it less powerful and thus it’s difficult to find information and resources about HTML based templates. This blog post series aims to be a comprehensive guide to CasparCG’s HTML producer: We will first have a look at what’s at hand. [Read More]